Sunday, September 20, 2015

Roger's Harvest Ride

This morning, I did the Roger's Harvest Ride with two friends. There were 40, 60, and 100K route options and we had each chosen different ones but when we met at the start, we decided to do the ride together. I had I opted to do the 40K (which was actually 45K) and my friends decided to join me. It was a slightly chilly, lightly rainy day but the mood was great and we were excited to be there. The start line is at a community hall in a small town just east of Edmonton and the course winds around the countryside, past farms, lakes, and bush. It was a beautiful course, green, slightly rolling but not too much to manage at all, almost no traffic. We rode in a line and talked all the way. All of us were perfectly dressed so we were warm and didn't mind the drizzle at all. At the end of the ride, lunch was served in the hall. It was lasagna, kale salad, buns, and cookies and it was delicious! Once lunch was over, we went to sit in my Jeep and we toasted the ride with some wine (but not too much). It was a wonderful event and a great day with a couple of fun friends!