Monday, December 31, 2012

Training Again!

I am back to training again after a little time away. In October I had major surgery (a hysterectomy and other little fixer uppers) so I was on my couch for six weeks, unable to do anything but light walking. Six weeks was the minimum amount of time I was supposed to take off but by then I couldn't stand the inactivity anymore so I started training again. My club's indoor spin season had started already - I coordinate that but I had to watch the workouts for the first week and that was hard! I couldn't wait to get back into it myself! I wanted to get back to running and swimming, too.

The first couple of workouts were awful! Before my surgery, I was in great shape and pulled off some major PBs in my September races. But my first swim post-op felt like I had never swum before and my first run was only 2K! Spinning was better but standing was hard because I just didn't have the strength in my legs. It's amazing how fleeting fitness can be!

It's been about 5 weeks now since my return to training. I have run, swum, and biked twice a week each, just gradually and gently re-building my fitness. I feel OK now. My coach told me just to swim with a pull buoy to get back the feeling of being in the water. I can do 2000m now pretty easily. I have no trouble spinning for 1:40, which has been our longest session to date, although standing for more than 4 minutes or so is still quite difficult. I am up to 6K running and my pace is getting better.

My coach is getting my formal training plan ready for January 1. I'll still have to take it a bit slowly and gradually but I have time and want to take care of myself. My first race is in 5 months - a half iron in Hawaii and my big race is on August 18 - Ironman Mont-Tremblant!

Here's to a new start and a great year of training!