Friday, December 16, 2011

All is Well

Things are ticking along. I am swimming, biking, running and lifting weights as I should be. I feel good and my body is happy. My “gurus” are wonderful. They are providing me with structure, advice, support, and the occasional chill-out-and-stop-panicking-about-signing-up-for-an-Ironman talk. The workouts are building now, although the balance among them is good. I have also lost nine pounds since I started training in earnest (September), half of them this month, and that feels good, too.

Today is my last day at my awful job in the hospital. (I wrote about this earlier.) Although I am now quite used to working in a structured, full-time job, the job itself has been dissatisfying and I am glad to be moving on. I will be teaching three courses in the sociology department for the January to April term so it will be crazy but it will also be very nice to be back in academia. I have also just accepted an offer of a professor position at the university, which will start July 1. That gives me May and June off, which might be just perfect timing because I’ll be doing some long, long workouts then and I’ll have time for them!

Hopefully, I will be an Ironwoman when I start that job! I’m doing all I can to make that happen and I am grateful for the friends who are on this journey with me.