Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Here!

Well, it's been a very long time since my last post. There hasn't been a lot to report.

Our spin season is now over. I think I probably rode about 1000 km on my bike during spin this winter. It was fun for the most part. That one spin instructor we had really started to get on my nerves (and a lot of other people's too). His workouts were monotonous and his style of motivating was to put people down. Didn't work for me. But I did all the workouts anyway, with him and the other spin leader who is wonderful. I think I made some progress.

It's hard in Alberta to end the spin season in March. We had a lot of snow this year and there was still snow on the ground for most of April. Now that it's almost all gone, there is just so much gravel and sand still on the roads, which makes riding treacherous. It can be June before the City has that all cleaned up. I haven't ridden more than a few kilometres since spin ended so I've probably lost some of that hard-earned fitness.

I haven't been in the pool much either and have just run a little bit. I don't have much mojo. I was quite sick with bronchitis in March/April and then away in Europe for two weeks of April so the training hasn't been what it should have been. Now I am in lazy mode!

I did register for the ChelanMan olympic distance triathlon, held in Chelan, Washington in mid-July. My husband and son and I will make a little holiday of it and meet my brother and niece there so they can race, too. I enjoy doing races with my brother and his daughter, who is six, is such a sweet and keen little triathlete that it's a blast to watch her.

I best find that mojo and get ready for that race!